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The start of our mission in Tanzania

Our history began with the tragic loss of our daughter, Mila Lilu, to a severe brain condition. In 2012, the chairperson visited an impoverished community south of Moshi, Tanzania, aiming to enhance maternal and child care. Deeply moved by the dire conditions and the loss of many young lives due to preventable issues, she was inspired to take action.

Suus Theuws van Driving Nurses

Suus Theuws


Suus is a clinical psychologist and program manager in addiction care. From her early youth, she has felt a strong connection to the African people and is convinced that countries in Africa should be developed from their own strengths.

Ingrid van Eerd van Driving Nurses

Ingrid van Eerd


Ingrid works as an accountant and financial administrative assistant, and she is the mother of three healthy children. She holds the foundation and its goals very close to her heart.

Noortje Theuws van Driving Nurses

Noortje Theuws


Noortje is a passionate young woman who envisions a bright future for herself and wishes the same for the girls in rural Africa. This is why she joined Driving Nurses as a secretary.

Charlotte van Driving Nurses


General Board Member

Charlotte, former systemic therapist, now leads the Foundation Extra Zorgsamen, deploying care reservists in crisis situations within our Kingdom. Her commitment is to collaborate and contribute to the improvement of maternal and child care in Tanzania.

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