Can you assist us with a donation?

The kids and moms in Tanzania could really use your support.

What does my donation make possible?

Boarding school: Per month: 35 euro

School supplies and student support: Per year: 75 euro

Sexual education in schools: Per 100 leerlingen: 75 euro

Medical Expenses:

  • Hospital admission with childbirth: 10 euros per day
  • Transport to the hospital (far away): 15 euros
  • Transport to the hospital (nearby): 4 euros
  • Safe kit for midwife: 5 euros
  • Delivery kit for pregnant woman: 2.50 euros
  • Malaria nets for pregnant women and newborns: 4.50 euros


  • Salary for mamabus driver: 100 euros per month
  • Salary for nurse/midwife: 200 euros per month

Other Support: Support for a family in need: 20 euros

Visit to the academic hospital outpatient clinic: Per visit: 15 euros

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Support ons op je eigen manier

Support us in your own way

Of course, you can assist us by donating money, but there are so many other ways to contribute! Give a presentation, invite a representative from Driving Nurses to speak, organize a fundraising event, share our page, place flyers at your workplace, or request donations for your birthday.

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