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Together, for a healthy mother and child

Our mission: reducing maternal and child mortality in Africa through support for healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and pre- and postnatal care.

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The start of our mission in Tanzania

Our history began with the tragic loss of our daughter, Mila Lilu, to a severe brain condition. In 2012, the chairperson visited an impoverished community south of Moshi, Tanzania, aiming to enhance maternal and child care. Deeply moved by the dire conditions and the loss of many young lives due to preventable issues, she was inspired to take action.

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Health challenges in rural Africa

In rural Africa, there are remote villages with limited access to healthcare, untrained local midwives, high transportation costs, and little knowledge about contraception.

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Maximizing impact in the first 1000 days

The first 1,000 days of a person's life are crucial. The Driving Nurses Foundation provides effective interventions to reduce maternal and child mortality.

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Maternal and child mortality in Tanzania

We operate in Tanzania, which ranks among the top 10 countries contributing significantly to maternal and child mortality globally. Each year, 8,000 women and 42,000 babies lose their lives here.

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Strong together with sustainable support

We provide sustainable community support despite geographical dispersion, with a strong emphasis on continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and engagement of newcomers.

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This is how we make an impact

Every child, anywhere, deserves a fair chance to grow up with a healthy mother. The Driving Nurses Foundation offers various projects to make this possible.

Educational programs

Driving Nurses provides education and training on family planning, healthy pregnancy, and other health aspects to girls in vulnerable situations. These Swahili-translated sessions cover topics such as nutrition, kangaroo care, HIV prevention, and childbirth. Workshops, including cooking classes and breastfeeding, are also offered, with flexibility to tailor lessons to specific needs, especially for youth receiving sex education in school. The train-the-trainer principle is applied, where nurses trained by Driving Nurses train local healthcare workers, spreading essential knowledge within communities.

Delivery packages

In Tanzania, it's common to give birth in hospitals for prompt handling of complications and immediate care for the baby. However, in remote areas, access to hospitals is limited, and some women may not even be allowed to deliver there. Local midwives, known as 'wakunga,' assist women in labor but often lack formal training and hygienic facilities, jeopardizing their own health. To provide equal opportunities, delivery packages are introduced, including gloves, umbilical cord clamps, aprons, soap, and a razor blade. The nurse on the mobile clinic (mamabus) trains local midwives in the use of these kits for a hygienic and safe delivery.

Support for underprivileged kids

There are impoverished children, and then there are impoverished children. Kids kept out of school, forced to beg, with no parents or only those who mistreat them. Just when you think it can't get any more heart-wrenching, it does. Together with local (boarding) schools and accredited orphanages, we ensure these children have a fair chance to grow up with care, love, and education.


The Mama Bus is a sustainable method to give mothers and children in remote areas a better start. In collaboration with the local hospital, the bus provides prenatal check-ups, medical examinations, education, distribution of delivery packages, and confidential consultations. Equipped with a mobile ultrasound machine and supported by the approach of the Driving Nurses Foundation, the bus reaches remote villages following a logistical plan. The nurse on board is trained and provides monthly updates to the foundation in the Netherlands.

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